self publishing

After serious consideration and hours of investigating, I have decided to Self-publish and Print on Demand.

I began searching for a company that offered more than just editing or publishing services.  I wanted the complete package (- and there are many companies delivering these combined services).

Does this make them a “Jack of all trades and a master of none”? I guess I’m about to find out.

I then drilled down to what was important to me:

  • Cost. Very important if you want to make a living. The fee to edit my book varied from $1500 to $5000 – depending on the level of servicing requested. Manuscript Assessment, editing, second edit and proofreading OR a combination of these options. 
  • Variety of services offered. One stop shop: – although I would have to undertake tasks or provide information normally completed by a publishing agent.
  • Location. It was important for me to be able to meet them if necessary. I wanted my publisher close to home (if possible) or at least in the same country. Many companies offered services electronically, but I didn’t want an “e-mails and video call only” relationship.
  • Customer Service. I’m looking for prompt and professional service. My end goal is to establish a long-term relationship with my publishing house, but they still have deliver the goods.
  • Timeliness of service delivery. Some companies offer time frames for various functions in their websites, but can they deliver? i.e. Two weeks to edit a 120,000-word document is standard for most editing places.
  • Networking.  Many businesses say they can promote your book, here, there, and everywhere. But can they really? Or are these places accessible to everyone and because of my lack of knowledge I think it sounds amazing (I guess I’ll be looking into this later).

So – armed with my selection criteria, I narrowed down my options. And finally picked a publishing house within an hour of my home by car.

  • They weren’t the cheapest, but I was happy with their service charges.  They had them clearly listed on their site. None of this – contact me for a quote (which annoys the crap out of me). Is it too difficult to give an estimated price?  Are you not price competitive or something?
  • The variety of services they offered, met my needs. Editing, publishing, e-books, and on printed on demand hardcopies. Everything I was looking for.
  • This company is close. If arrangements get messy – I can organize a face-to-face meeting to smooth things over. And Bonus: -they are located in a place I often visit, so a win-win for me.
  • Professional and Prompt service – so far, they have been great. We had issues with their initial emails going into my junk mail, but this was easily sorted.
  • Editing timeframe are on a par with other editing service offers, so no complaints.
  • Networking and distribution – haven’t got there yet but I will keep you updated.

There are still many other stages to complete and services I will need to utilise before I’m finally published, so I can’t give an honest assessment of them as a whole yet.

I also tend to follow my instincts a lot (which has served me well in the past). I knew this company was for me the first time I found their site (although I applied due diligence and continued to check all other options).  This company is right for me.        

I’m happy with my overall experience with this company to date and the editor they assigned to me. Publishing is next and there is a lot I still need to do.

Self-publishing means I’m doing the things a Publishing Agent would normally do – they aren’t difficult, but I have to learn more, in order to help myself. (i.e. amazon keywords).

I’m sure I’ll look back at everything I’ve learnt on this journey and not regret a thing.

My journey into the unknown continues.

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