Why Self Publish

Well, I’m back! …or at least my ability to type has returned after surgery on my hand, although I’m not 100%, I can manage through slight discomfort to document my thoughts.  

So, Self-Publishing. I’ve delved into this topic a bit and the old system of approaching a publishing house to print a minimum of 100’s -1000’s of books in a minimum run is no longer the only option available to budding authors. You no longer have to have boxes of your books sitting around your lounge or garage gathering dust (NOOOOO! I did not just say that. Bad author. Bad).  I meant, you no longer have that perfect gift for all occasions lovingly protected in cardboard boxes, waiting for you to present it to your family members or friends, whom you deem worthy of receiving your amazing book for free.

Okay, so you get what I mean. Sure, you’re finally published but you now have to market and sell your books. That is not always easy. Is it doable? Of course, you can do it, anyone can but it does require some effort. So, if you’re lazy, not really a salesperson or not confident in your abilities and can’t really sell yourself then you need to ask the question: Is this the right option for me? Don’t be disheartened if you fall into one of the above categories because for every problem there is a solution, it’s just a matter of finding it.

I have determined that Self-publishing is not a process without effort, but it is relatively straight forward. The more you do, the more you can save. You drive the process and decided how it will best work for you. These are the basis steps:

  • Write you book
  • Be prepared to drive the process (i.e. Time and effort).
  • Cost: Research your options – Choose a publishing company.
  • Fine tune your product: Proof-read and amend.
  • Editing
  • Book Title
  • Cover Design
  • Copy writing
  • ISBN
  • PUBLISH the finished product.

The list above is not short. Some things are easy to do and require minimal effort, others may take longer and have a cost associated with them (even if you do as much as you can). This process requires time and effort, and because of that you need to determine why you want to self-publish and if your driving factors to achieve this outcome can get you over the finish line.

My reasons for considering self-publishing:

  • I don’t like writing to agents and not getting a reply.
  • I suck at selling myself and my story in a one-page letter.
  • I have a minimal social footprint.
  • I’m not a marketable commodity (yet).
  • I’m not sure about the quality of my synopsis. Does it say what it needs too?
  • I want to design my own cover and book title.
  • I want to protect the integrity of my work.
  • I want to pocket more profit for my effort.
  • I want to have more control.
  • I don’t like rejection.

Writing this list made me question why I really wanted to investigate the option of self-publishing. Was it a cop out from pursuing the ‘traditional route’? The say you need to send 100 letters to agents and publishing houses and receive 99 rejections before you can say you have really tried. Have I done that? NO. That’s why my 100th reply is not a YES. Have I really tried my best? Have I given up on this route too soon? I know I’d like nothing more than to hand over the tedious processes whilst holding on to the artist components.

Do I have enough drivers to get myself across the line?

It is obvious to me that I still need to pursue the traditional route because something in me needs to be satisfied that I really gave it my all and as of this moment I know that’s not true. Meanwhile, I will continue to work through the list of Self-publishing steps because (from experience) agents and Publishing houses are not always prompt with their responses. Self-publishing may still be the route I choose.

Current world events, such as COVID-19 have also made me question my publishing options as a writer. I have something else ticking over in the back of my mind that may prove to be a more appropriate option in these unprecedented times that we are facing. I’m quietly excited but I’ll expand on that later or maybe next time.

Reminder to myself: Send ten letters to agents before next blog.

One Comment on “Why Self Publish

  1. These are legit reasons indeed, especially the writer not wanting to go through the process of selling themselves to a middleman and not having full control over their work. Thanks for sharing!


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