I was going to write about self-publishing but as I started down one path I got side tracked by something else. All related to self-publishing but new to me. I decided to step back, revisit it and come forward again in a more orderly process. (so my next post will definitely be about self publishing.)

Because TODAY I need to vent about editing.

Also – I was unexpectedly called up to have my right wrist operation.  – (CTS ) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  (not that I’m complaining after waiting over twelve months.)  My hand is bandaged, bruised and sore. I’m right handed …so not much good for anything at the moment. It’s been a few days now and I have moved beyond one handed typing but only just. One hand and two fingers but it’s enough, because editing is driving me nuts and I need to tell someone, anyone or maybe just you.

How is it possible: (and let me assure you it is!!!!!)

  • to read something five times.
  • run it through a grammar program (with corrections I might add)
  • then read it another five times before posting it
  • come back the following day to gloat over my workmanship –  only to find a mistake in my first sentence.  (let’s not mention the others mistakes I later stumbled across)

What the F#*@!!!!!

Don’t get me wrong………I love my ProWritingAid program. It’s helped me so much but it’s still not perfect (well maybe it is and I’m not but we’ll not go there).

Even my brain and eyes are apparently not perfect…or maybe they’re simply amazing at reading what my minds wants them too. I know about the power of the mind and I’m not trying to be dismissive but to acknowledge it, kind of takes the wind out of my sails  AND for now, I want to complain….so let me.

Okay so this is me ranting about stuff I’m editing because I can’t really type chapters for another two weeks at the earliest.

  • Editing sucks.
  • Paying a lot of money to have my work edited sucks more
  • Having mistakes….. is the worst kind of sucky suck
  • The suckiest suck of them all…is without my book being edited properly my work will appear amateurish and that would really suck.

I’m feeling somewhat better now, after saying editing sucks and now you know it sucks because it does suck when I do it (so….so…..so….so much happier now). Okay, moving right along after a positive attitude adjustment. Editing is necessary. Editing is not easy (for some of us) but still necessary. Editing is something I will probably have to pay for eventually (but not today) but it is necessary.

EDITING – can drive any rational person crazy.  


NB: I invented a couple of new words today ( which are not editing mistakes) but hey, I was ranting so cut me some slack. Cheers!

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