Traditional Publishing Route

So, on to the next step – Publishing:  Traditional verses Self-Publishing

There is so much information out there, and not all of it helpful but I’m finally getting a handle on it.

It became obvious as I learned more, that in order to succeed in the Traditional Publishing Route I needed to build my own brand. It was no longer just about the book I’ve written, it included me as a marketable commodity.

It’s kind of daunting to think I need to be a somebody to achieve success as a published author. That I need to sell me rather than my work to achieve my dream using the Traditional Route of Book Publishing. They are looking for someone who can sell books and that’s not me at the moment.

The Traditional Publishing Route makes me think of having seat on a bus travelling in the dedicated bus lanes. 

I know how convenient it would be to ride on this bus. How quickly I would get from A to Z with little effort but unfortunately I am at a stage in my career (and yes I want it to be a career) where my name is not visible enough to earn me a special pass, allowing me to get on the Bus. There will be no easy ride for me.

Yeah, I know that publishing houses are picking up unknown authors all the time but can anyone give me a number.  What’s that?  Silence. That’s right.

Only a few unfamiliar names are appearing on the book shelves in stores because the publishing house dollars and energy are being spent on promoting their existing big names or pushing the names of people who are recognisable. 

This model of publishing is intimidating, especially when I’m not your typical social butterfly. I don’t thrive on the social media hype. I am essentially a private person but I guess that will have to change if I want my dream to become a reality.

I believe this business should be focused on the quality of my work. The Book. Not me, the author but alas the Traditional Publishing Houses have suffered a decline in this age of technology and social media, forcing them to narrow their focus for profit and less risk. This impinges on us, the budding authors, making a tough market even harder to crack.

Maybe Traditional Publishing processes need to change with the times and Publishing Houses need to update how they do business. I can’t imagine not being able to hold a book in my hands as I lose myself between the pages, but sadly I think it’s coming. Hopefully not in my lifetime but somewhere way out in the future.

At this point, I’m drawn towards self-publishing because I’m …….a nobody. When I say “I’M A NOBODY”  I mean –  I don’t have a huge social media following. I’m not a vlogger, I’m not a celebrity, not one of the social elite, not a subject expert or a famous anybody. I’m just me. Normal, everyday me.

ALTHOUGH I appear to be leaning heavily in one direction, I stubbornly refuse to rule out the traditional well worn path of publishing just yet.

Traditional Publishing Route is not what I thought.

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