Come – get lost with me

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know.”  This sums up my whole journey of becoming a published author.

After sitting here for 15 minutes and multiple false starts, I finally have my jumping off point, so here goes ……..

Why did I want to do this? (I know, such an astounding opener.) 

  • I wanted to record my journey.
  • I would like my experiences to help others find their way through the twists and turns of writing and getting a book published. 
  • I wanted to engage with other people on the same path and maybe we can navigate the maze of information that is the world of publishing together. ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’

In my perfect little bubble world of publishing ignorance, I thought this process would be easy. Write a book, send it to a publishing house, sign a few documents, pick a cover, then sit back and wait for the book to appear on the shelves.……but of course that’s not how it works.

Let me just put it out there, I didn’t know what I didn’t know, Okay. 

I never studied creative writing. I never joined a reading or literary group. I never researched how to write a book or get it published. I never did any of the things I should have because my goal was to write a book. Did that. So I can tick that off. Then I started to think, maybe I should get it published. Hence the minefield of information I find myself now trudging through.

It’s laughable how much I didn’t know when I started down this path. Not that I know that much now. Mr Google became my best friend but sometimes he gives me too much information and I find myself overwhelmed by everything. I didn’t know who to listen too or what was right for me.

But I’m a tenacious person and once I start something, I like to see it through to the end. I’m still soaking up information about getting published. Filtering out what doesn’t  work for me, what doesn’t apply to my situation or stuff that’s too darn complicated to be helpful.  

In hindsight, my ignorance was a good thing because I might not have pursued this path if I had I known what was lurking ahead of me. Even though I’m no closer to being published today than I was yesterday, I know this angst will be worth it. I will get my book in print. It’s just a matter of how and when.

I’ve learned I need to be brave enough to put myself out there. I need to develop a thick skin to handle rejection and criticism of my artistic creation. Be smart enough to make the right choices, coated with a good dusting of luck.  

Maybe this process is straightforward for some aspiring authors but I’m guessing most people will struggle like me.

At this point in my journey I need knowledge.

So, come get lost with me. (or save me. Either is okay.) 

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